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D&D Signs offer a range of window treatment options, including window tinting. We can supply and apply tint film to any vehicle or building situation.

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D&D Signs do window tinting for both commercial and residential buildings. For houses and businesses window tinting can be used to increase privacy, reduce glare and to increase UV properties, and can both cool in the warmer months and keep heat in during cooler times. Some films we use have full reflective exterior properties, so there will be a mirror effect during daylight hours for maximum privacy. Other films can be more blockout orientated and therefore provide a much darker look. Also there are some more neutral films, which still block glare and offer UV stability and heat reduction, while not affecting the overall aesthetic of the building. In commercial situations D&D have tinted offices, shop fronts, show rooms and storage areas, so there is a tint option for every application. In residential situations we find privacy and glare reduction are the main concerns and we have done everything from complete houses to just a single door. Whatever the issue, our window tint options will be able to give you a solution. Our friendly staff will be able to help you decide what is the best film to meet your window tinting needs, so please contact us any time to discuss your requirements.

For Automotive tinting D&D offer a range of 35% tint options, as well as darker tints for all window types. There is a range of tint films we have access to, such as ceramic and non-metallic, along with our favourites we use on a daily basis. All our automotive films are colour stable and non reflective, offering 99% UV protection and 90% or more glare reduction. We operate out of a large, dust free, workshop in South Whangarei where all vehicle installations occur, which ensures a high quality professional finish every time. Automotive window tinting will reduce sun damage, decrease heat in the vehicle, add privacy, as well making your vehicle look awesome, so contact D&D anytime to book yours in.

For any window treatment and window tinting contact D&D Signs.

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