For roadside or pavement signage in Northland, D&D Signs can help you.

The promotional signage category is massive, with all signage having the option to have a promotional element, even if it is not its intended purpose. But in particular signage in this category is often used for short term effect, aimed at specific campaigns, time frames or events. It needs to be informative, interesting and look good, to attract the attention of those it is intended for. See our gallery below

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D&D Signs offer a wide range of cost-effective promotional signage to help get our customers messages noticed. Some of the more popular options include PVC Banners, Corflute Signs, Pull Up Banners, Footpath Signs and Flags. We have real estate clients that we produce corflute signage and banners for, along with erecting and removing site signage where required. Clubs and event organisers also use our Promotional Signage, with roadside corflute signage and PVC banners being a great way to advertise events with footpath signs and pull up banners useful on the day.

Digital Signage is also playing more and more of a part in promotional signage. With the ability to advertise certain events, promote specials or show case a specific item, this type of signage is the future for signs. D&D Signs have partnered with Samsung to bring Digital Signage to Northland, so we can help our clients make the right choices in this category, whether it is for promotional or any other type of signage application.

Whether you require a corflute For Sale sign, a banner advertising a sale or a pull-up banner for an event, D&D Signs have the promotional signage for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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